About Us

The Centre of Development Concerns (CDC) is a voluntary organization, registered in the year 2006, based in Madurai. The organization was found by a group of friends working in development sector, banking and as entrepreneurs. We are committed to bring our myriad experiences to facilitate a change from the ‘repressive and unfair’ to ‘just and fair’.  The primary work of CDC is with children and women of rural Madurai.

Our Strengths and Core Competencies

  1. More than a decade of experience and expertise in various development issues (that includes child rights, children education, women empowerment, micro-credit, old age care, HIV/AIDS, women’s rights, etc)
  2. Professional knowledge on training  development experts, grassroots workers, students, teachers, international volunteers, children and young people.
  3. Networking with different NGOs of south Tamilnadu, people’s organisations, schools and community based groups.
  4. Vast field area in the rural hinterland of North Madurai, where CDC works with children, schools and women forums.
  5. Friends of CDC within and outside India who constantly share and reflect on development issues and contribute to our perspectives.


  1. To help people, communities and institutions to become sensible and friendly towards the rights of children and women
  2. To create reflective and reflexive community collectives that assist in evolving an equal and just societies
  3. To evolve and propagate alternate development knowledge and models for use of the wider civil society and partners in development
  4. To create a platform for cross-cultural learning, development education and development exchange

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